Organizational Chart


Mission Statement:

We are a Catholic prayer community involved in Charismatic renewal in the Diocese of Covington, providing opportunities to experience a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. The community fosters growth through the power of the Holy Spirit, providing sound teaching, empowerment of gifts and ministries, evangelization, fellowship and service outreach.



Policy Statement:

The Mustard Seed Community exists to do God’s will through the power of the Holy Spirit within the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Covington. As such, this community will solely support people, causes, events, or statements which through prayer and discernment are determined to be consistent with the Charismatic Renewal and Evangelization of Christ’s Holy Catholic Church.



Leadership Team:   

Spiritual Director
  •   Provides spiritual guidance and serves as liaison to the Bishop.



Steering Committee

(3 person)

  •   Initially a committee member will serve either 1, 2, or 3 years. Ultimately this is a 3 year term.
  •   Meets with the Spiritual Director as needed and when seeking the Bishop’s approval for bringing in outside speakers.
  •   Schedules Leadership Team meetings.
  •   Advises and oversees the MSC Events and Core Ministries.
  •   Represents the MSC on the Regional Service Team.
  •   Maintains contact with the National Service Committee.
  •   Manages phone calls on behalf of the MSC and provides    representation.


  •   Term limit up to the discretion of the Steering Committee.
  •   One to three previous Leadership Team members who provides consultation to the Steering Committee.


  •   Term limit up to the discretion of the Steering Committee.
  •   Transparently manages income and expenses.
  •   Sends flowers, cards, Masses and memorial donations when appropriate.



  •   Term limit up to the discretion of the Steering Committee.
  •   Records the minutes of Leadership Team meetings.
  •   Handles official correspondence for the MSC.
  •   Maintains list of active and inactive MSC members.
  •   Retains minutes from Core Ministry meetings reflecting date, attendees, and decisions made.




MSC Events:    

Bible Study
  •   Lavinia Spirito’s video led Catholic Way Bible Study at St. Joseph Church, Crescent Springs, KY
Christian Outreach
  •   Periodic endeavors.
Alpha/Discovering Christ
  •   Future endeavor.
Diocese-wide Prayer Meetings
  •   Usually at Thomas More College chapel, Crestview Hills, KY.
  •   Confirms and schedules dates, time, and place – done on a         yearly basis.
First Friday Mass
  •   Usually at Thomas More College Chapel, Crestview Hills, Ky.
  •   Maintains contact with Mother of God Church to schedule each Mass.
  •   Opens and closes Church for Mass.
  •   Schedules priests and volunteers.
Life in the Spirit Seminar (LISS)
  •   As needed. Annually at a minimum.
Prayer Chain
  •   Distributes prayer requests to prayer chain.
Social Activities
  •   Periodic endeavors.
Spiritual Growth
  •   Various activities.  For example: Fr. Richard McAlear, Peter Herbeck, annual Night Out With the Holy Spirit



MSC Event Coordinator Roles:

  •   Responsible for organizing Event.
  •   Responsible for attending Leadership Team meetings as needed.
  •   Acts as liaison between the Leadership Team and the Core Ministries.
  •   Identifies which Core Ministry will be needed and contacts each respective coordinator to arrange accordingly.
  •   Sets planning meetings for Event if warranted.




Core Ministries:   To serve during MSC Events under the direction of the

Steering Committee and Event Coordinators as needed.



  • Serves as Greeters.  Distributes nametags and flyers.
  • Coordinates refreshment (food/drink/tableware supplies).
  • Cleanup.
  •   Records, duplicates and distributes recording of Event Speakers.
  •   Maintains MSC website
  •   Maintains Book and CD Table as needed.
MSC Communications
  • Composes and sends fliers, U.S. mail and e-mail to people on the MSC mailing list regarding MSC Events.
  • Maintains a telephone chain (hotline) to communicate necessary information quickly such as last minute changes or other necessary   information.
  • Provides live music at MSC events.
  • Discerns eligibility and instructs members of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Coordinates scheduling for the various arms of the Prayer Ministry.
    •   Healing Prayer Teams
    •   Prayer Team “catchers”
    •   Directs people to Prayer Teams
    •   Intercessory Prayer
    •   Prayer Intention Hotline



  • Serves as Liaison to various media outlets:
    •   Sacred Heart Radio
    •   The Messenger
    •   Diocesan offices
    •   ParishChurch offices (for bulletin entries)
    •   Regional Service Team newsletter
    •   Louisville Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Setup / Breakdown
  • Sets-up and puts away chairs and tables for MSC Events.
  • Takes garbage to the dumpster.
  • Lines up presenters and witnesses for monthly prayer meetings.
Word Gift
  • Receives, records and discerns word gifts presented at MSC Events.



Core Ministry Roles:

  •   Responsible for attending Leadership Team meetings as needed.
  •   Sets meetings for their respective Ministry.
  •   Name will appear first on Organization Chart in the future.


  •   Responsible for attending Leadership Team meetings when requested by the Ministry Coordinator.
  •   Name will appear second on the Organization Chart in the future.
Ministry Member
  •   Works with the Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator in accomplishing the goals established for that ministry.