List of Meetings

Catholic Charismatic Prayer Groups within                            The Diocese of Covington

For additional information, Contact Us or the person listed for each prayer group.

St. Paul Church 
7301 Dixie Hwy, Florence KY
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Chapel in church
Contact Jean Nolan 859-525-1717 or                                    
Third Tuesday of the Month    Mustard Seed Community Monthly regional prayer group
Thomas More College
Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel
333 Thomas More Pkwy
Crestview Hills, KY 41017
7 pm – 8:45 pm (recently moved from St. Joseph Heights)
 Contact Carol Hodge 859-341-5932 or
Yvonne Warner 859-586-0279 or
Parking lot across from the chapel; wheelchair accessible


Saturday                                                     Discussion of upcoming Sunday’s readings
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish
5876 Veterans Way, Burlington KY
8:00 am – 9:30 am
Meet in church/cry room
Contact Mary Holloway 859-916-2800                          Bob Brown 859-586-6989 or


Other Prayer Groups in the Diocese of Covington (Non-Charismatic)

Tuesday                                                    Spirit of Love Prayer Group
(Does not meet 3rd Tuesday)
St. Pius X Church
340 Dudley Pike, Edgewood KY
7:15 pm – 8:45                                                                                               Chapel in church
Contact Mary Biedenharn 859-341-3880 or        Brenda Daulton 859-337-7541 or


Tuesday                                               Joy of the Lord Prayer Group
(Does not meet 3rd Tuesday)
St. Joseph Heights (front door)
1601 Dixie Hwy, Park Hills KY
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Front entrance/parlor room
Contact Sr. Helen Joseph Riehle 859-291-2040 or
Wednesday           Rose Garden Home Mission       2040 Madison Ave, Covington KY 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Mother Seraphina invites all to join the Sisters in their prayer room for praise & worship, meditation, sharing, & fellowship. Go ahead and drop in – no reservations required!

Catholic Charismatic Prayer Groups in Cincinnati, OH Area    (We suggest you call first since this list is not updated regularly on this site.)

Bld-Open in Spirit to God (Montgomery)
Philippino Prayer Community
Edgar & Nena Villarroya 513.759.5089
All Saints Parish Hall
110 People
Friday, 7:00PM

Cedars of Lebanon Prayer Group (Lebanon)
Kathleen Rettig 513.932.4089
St. Francis De Sales Church
8-10 People
Monday, 7:30PM

Corpus Christi (New Burlington)
Doug & Michele Knowlton 513.742.2989
Corpus Christi Church
12 People
Tuesday 7:30PM in Parish Center

Friends in Christ (Mt. Healthy)
Ted Kramer 513.729.0838 or Patty Schiemer 513.825.5588
Assumption School
15 People
Thursday 8:00PM

His Companions (Milford)
Bob Fudge 513.831.7301
Private Home
3 People
Tuesday 7:45PM

His Mercy (Anderson Township)
Tom & Marcia Cruse 513.752.6599
Comboni Missionary Center
29 People
Thursday 7:30PM

Holy Spirit (Montfort Heights)
Lynn Tepe 513.245.9267 or Karen Spieser 513.385.3671
St. Ignatius Church
12 People
Tuesday 7:30PM

Holy Spirit Prayer Group (Covedale)
Faye Brinck 513.922.2294 or Mary Handerman 513.922.4738
St. Antoninus Chapel
25 People
Tuesday 7:30PM

Joy in the Spirit (Fairfax)
Jane Wood 513.561.8831
Private Home (3906 Simpson)
4 People
Monday 7:00PM

Lighthouse Community (Monfort Heights)
Sr. Christine Edwards, SFP 513.471.5483
Hivert Center
125 People
Wednesday 7:30PM

Living Waters (Finneytown)
Ruth Linesch 513.825.5182
St. Bartholomew
10 People
Wednesday 7:30PM in Office (Basement)

Living Waters (Liberty Twp.)
Kathy Hinger 513.779.1586 or Steve Conner 513.288.5532
St. Maximilian Kolbe Church
40 to 50 People
1st & 3rd Sunday 7:15 – 9:00PM
*Healing Services held at 7:00PM every 5th Sunday.

Manna of Life (Kenwood/Hyde Park/Mt. Washington)
Nancy Bachmeyer 513.831.7301
Private Homes & Nursing Homes for members there
5-8 People
Wednesday 10AM

Mother of the Word Incarnate (Loveland)
Jim & Shirley Minton 513.677.3584
Private Home (1126 Cottonwood Drive)
4 People
Tuesday 7:00PM

New Life (Groesbeck)
Joan Jester 513.931.3943
St. Ann Little White Schoolhouse
4-8 People
Thursday 7:30PM

OLHSC (Norwood)
David Noe 513.742.0124
Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center
Tuesday, 7:30PM in Room 116

Our Lady of Lourdes (Westwood)
Betty Frisz 513.451.4299
Our Lady of Lourdes
11 People
Wednesday 7:30PM in Parish House Chapel

Praise the Lord (Reading)
Ruth Geraci 513.554.0251 or Kathleen Stephen 513.733.3044
St. Peter & Paul School
9 People
Tuesday 8PM in Teacher’s Lounge

Risen Life Prayer Community (Mason)
Rick Rudolph 513.312.4679 or Roberta Brunck 513.777.1476
St. Susanna Church
20 People
Saturday 9:30 – 11:00AM in Rectory Basement

St. Clare (College Hill)
Jeanne & Bill Schwemberger 513.931.8582
St. Clare
8 People
Thursday 7:00PM in Rectory Meeting Room

St. Elisabeth Seton Church (Milford)
Judy Alten 513.575.1515
St. Elisabeth Seton Church
12 People
Wednesday 7:30PM

St. Lawrence Intercessory Prayer Group (Price Hill)
Mary Theresa Thien 513.922.1875
Private Home (5137 Kincardine Drive)
11 People
Tuesday 7:30PM

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