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Mustard Seed Community Monthly Prayer Meetings


Jan 16 Canceled Canceled due to weather
Feb 20 Fr. Dave Pivonka dvd
Mar 20 No Speaker Praying the Stations of the Cross
Apr 17 Fr. Dave Pivonka dvd Spirit of Adoption
May 15
Jun 19
Jul 17
Aug 21
Sep 18
Oct 16 P&W 8th annual Candlelight Pot-Luck Dinner
Nov 20
Dec 18



Jan 17 Blaine Comfort Video – Fr. Dave Pivonka
Feb 21 Harry Humpert 50th Yr Anniversary – How It All Started in NKY
Mar 21 No Speaker Praying the Stations of the Cross
Apr 18 Bob Brown Divine Mercy Presentation & video
May 16 Ann Raispis & Blaine Comfort Life in the Spirit Seminar continued – Growth in the Spirit
Jun 20 Deacon Jerry Franzen Life in the Spirit Seminar continued – Transformation
Jul 18  Fr. Dave Pivonka DVD with Sr. Helen Joseph witness  God’s Love
Aug 15  Fr. Dave Pivonka dvd Breath of God
Sep 19
Oct 17 P&W 7th annual Candlelight Pot-Luck Dinner
Nov 21
Dec 19  Fr. Dave Pivonka dvd  Gifs of the Holy Spirit


Jan 19 Blaine Comfort Getting to Know Jesus – Eucharistic Adoration
Feb 16 Angie Poat Inner Healing Thru Divine Mercy – Mary, Undoer of Knots
Mar 15 No Speaker Praying the Stations of the Cross
Mar 22-May 10 Life in the Spirit Seminar
May 17 Angie & Steve Poat Homecoming Night with the Holy Spirit, P&W, Witnesses, Ice Cream Social
Jun 21 Mary Jo & Bill Stahl Praying With Others
Jul 19 Don Able etal Personal Witness/Sharing
Aug 16 Deacon Jerry Franzen On the Holy Spirit
Sep 20 Tom Ryan Evangelization
Oct 18 P&W – Comforts & Bob Brown 6th  annual Candlelight Pot-Luck Dinner
Nov 15 Lavinia Spirito 2nd Night Out With the Holy Spirit
Dec 20 Charlotte Berling The Gift of Faith


Jan 20 MSC Leadership Team Sharing their CCR journey
Feb 17 Deacon Bob Stoeckle Lent: Making the Journey With Purpose
Mar 17 No Speaker Praying the Stations of the Cross
Apr 7-May 19 Life in the Spirit Seminar
Jun 16 Deacon Jerry Franzen

John Spille

Pentecost Today article “Sticking to the Basics”


Jul 21 Bob Brown Foregiveness
Aug 18 Ruth Crawford Praise & Worship
Sep 15 Deacon Jerry Franzen Prophecy
Oct 20 Sacred Heart Praise Band 5th annual Candlelight Potluck Dinner
Nov 17 Forgot who spoke…
Dec 15 Deacon Jim Bayne Bringing People to Christ/Bringing Jesus to Others


Jan 21 Open mike Individual faith sharing
Feb 18 Guest Speaker Pastor Aurel Avram from Romania
Mar 18 Greg Dougherty on his book Discovering Virtues: A Story of a Young Turtle
Apr 15 No Speaker Praying the Stations of the Cross
Apr 22-Jun 3 Life in the Spirit Seminar
Jun 17 Ken Jump and Michelle Jennings Witness
Jul 15 Wendy Cleveland Witness
Aug 19 JoAnn Kleier Witness
Sep 16 Bob Brown Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Oct 21 Sacred Heart Praise Band 4th annual Candlelight Potluck Dinner
Nov 18 Deacon Jerry Franzen Inside the Mass from a Deacon’s Perspective
Dec 16 Different Witnesses Christmas related sharing


Jan 15 Mother Seraphina Canceled due to weather
Feb 19 Mark Nutter Personal Witness
Mar 19 No Speaker Praying the Stations of the Cross
Apr 2 – May 14 Life in the Spirit Seminar
May 21 Numerous Witnesses  Life in the Spirit Seminar experiences
Jun 18 Bob Brown
Jul 16 Ruth Crawford Praise & Worship
Aug 20 Rebecca Larkins Steubenville experience
Sep 17 Mary Biedenharn Teaching on Prayer
Oct 15 Sacred Heart Praise Band 3rd annual Candlelight Potluck Dinner
Nov 19 No Speaker Praying With People/Small Groups
Dec 17 Guy Linnemann Personal Witness/Mission Trip


Jan 17 Mother Seraphina Personal Witness
Feb 21 Fr. Greg Bramlage Personal Witness & Teaching on Prayer
Mar 20 Anne Oleski / Sr. Carmella Reflections on the Eucharist / Healing Prayer
Apr 10 – May 22 Life in the Spirit Seminar
Jun 19 Deacon Jim Bayne
Jul 17 Numerous Witnesses Growth
Aug 21 Bob Brown Spiritual Gifts
Sep 18 Blaine Comfort Catholic Social Teaching
Oct 16 Sacred Heart Praise Band 2nd Annual Candlelight Potluck
Nov 20 Carol Hodge Prayer with Others – Basic 101
Dec 18 Deacon Jerry Franzen Holiness


Jan 18 Mary Biedenharn Prayer & Witnessing of Answered Prayer
Feb 15 Mike Scheper One-on-One Evangelization & Witnessing of This
Mar 15 Jim Cowan Life in the Spirit Kickoff & Adoration
Apr 26 – Jun 7 Life in the Spirit Seminar
Jul 19 Liza Thomas Personal Witnessing / Sharing the Life in the Spirit Seminar experience
Aug 16 Rebecca Larkins Gift of Tongues
Sep 20 Bob Brown Spiritual Gift Inventory
Oct 18 Sacred Heart Praise Band 1st Annual Candlelight Potluck
Nov 15 Blaine Comfort Evangelization
Dec 20 Deacon Jerry Franzen The Gift of Humility


Jan 19 Rebecca Larkins New Beginnings: Numbers in Scripture
Mar 16 Mike Scheper & Friends Peter Kreeft: Intro to Philosophy 101
Apr 20 – May 18 Life in the Spirit Seminar
May 25 Deacon Jim Bayne Personal Witness
Jun 8 Jen & Phil Ryan Personal Witness about son Philip
Jul 27 Bob Brown Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Aug 17 Bob Brown Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Sep 21 Bob Brown Gift Discernment & Affirmation
Oct 19 Bill Richart Guest Leader: P&W / Guided Meditation
Nov 16 MSC leadership team Brief Intro & Witness
Dec 21 MSC members Random Sharing: Thoughts of Jesus at Christmas



Jan 20 Tess Humpert Discernment
Feb 17 Bob Brown Reconciliation
Mar 17 Liza ThomasRick MeyerYvonne Warner Personal Witness
Apr 14 – May 26 Life in the Spirit Seminar
Jun 9 Mary Jo Stahl Personal Witness / Spiritual Warfare
Jul 21 Mary Biedenhorn Gifts & Fruits of the Spirit
Aug 18 Dave Schlachter Our Blessed Mother at Medjugorge
Sep 15 Janice Kennedy Eucharistic Adoration
Oct 20 Bob Brown Origins of the Bible
Nov 17 Harry HumpertRebecca Larkins Witness: Holy Spirit in my Life
Dec 15 Tess Humpert Gift of Encouragement



Jan 15 Joe Bessler The Holy Spirit as a Gift
Feb 19 Bob Brown The Gift of Prophecy
Mar 25 – May 6 Life in the Spirit Seminar
May 13 Mary Biedenharn Perpetuation of Pentecost – Gifts & Fruits
Jun 10 Bob Brown Forgiveness
Jul 15 Sep Vieth Personal Testimony: My Conversion Story
Aug 19 Tess Humpert Do You Love Me?
Sep 16 Fr. Gerry Reinersman Living the Eucharist – Part 1
Oct 19 Carol Hodge Healing Through the Laying on of Hands
Nov 18 Fr. Gerry Reinersman Living the Eucharist – Part 2
Dec 16 Bob Brown Reconciliation (cancelled due to snow)



Jun Tom McAtee 1 Corinthians 12: Gifts
Jul 31 Bob Brown Charisms
Aug 27 Tess Humpert Hospitality
Sep 25 Brenda Dalton Healing
Oct 16 Harry Humpert Healing
Nov 20 Mary Risch Inner Healing

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